HIRRS was formed in 1991 to help survivors of brain injury in improving their lives. Because of improved trauma care and advances in the medical field, many more individuals were surviving brain injury. Unfortunately, as is still the case, after discharge from hospitals or acute care facilities, people were forced to fend for themselves as they try to put their lives, jobs and families back together.

HIRRS began operations by serving 4 individuals. Since that time, the agency has continued to grow and we now serve over 100 individuals. While the agency first focused on serving clients with traumatic brain injury, HIRRS has expanded its expertise to include a variety of neurological impairments. The program continues to specialize in brain injury rehabilitation and tailoring services to each individual's needs. The HIRRS model provides comprehensive supports as survivors return to the community.

At HIRRS, we believe that success is achieved by treating the whole person, not just one limited area.